Alex Vasquez has been a strength and conditioning coach for over 15 years.  He holds a BS and MA in Exercise Physoiology as well as a number of certifications including CSCS and PES.  More importantly he brings a wealth of experience including working as a strength and conditioning coach at San Jose State University as well as with the San Jose Sharks, one of the NHL’s elite franchises.

During his time as a coach he has developed the Evolutionary Athletics system which improves sports performance in virtually every athletic endeavor.  This is due to his keen eye for biomechanic detail, efficient human movement, and depth of scientific understanding the sports training process.  By developing sport specific strength, mobility, endurance, power, and speed you will be prepared to reach your highest athletic potential.

Most coaches use a shotgun approach to training athletes utilizing programs that try to develop strength, mobility, endurance, power, and speed simultaneously.  Unfortunately the body cannot adapt to everything at once (well it can but at a LOW level) and volumes in training can get out of control which leads to overtraining.  By training each specific goal in a properly sequenced time period we can reduce training volumes and, through narrow focus, we can accelerate results.

This means you achieve results faster and with less time in the gym.

In demonstration of the diversity of the Evolutionary Athletics System it has been successfully applied by athletes participating in football, ice hockey, baseball, mma, golf, basketball, cross country, tennis, and soccer.

More significantly athletes have used this system develop from AMATEUR status through PROFESSIONAL status in football, ice hockey, mma, and golf!!!

This is significant because training a professional athlete, who is already one of the best in the world, is different than CREATING a professional athlete

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